Mamadrama is a mom-only band covering rock and punk favorites, in addition to some mama-inspired originals. What’s more punk than a kickass mom band?! When not rocking out, we are mamas to 14 kids, small business owners, thriving entrepreneurs, a schoolteacher and a dedicated nurse.

Once upon a time, a few moms met at Lakehouse Music Academy in Asbury Park, NJ, where our kids took music lessons. We dreamed of something more than the endless mom grind: piles of laundry and miles of errands. Those flashbacks of freedom and concerts before stretch marks inspired us motivated mamas to meet up once a week and form a mom band. The energy is fierce and the jokes are feisty but the beating heart of Mamadrama is living out a dream that is never too late!



Beth Herbruck (singer)

Renee Dorski (bass)

Carey Balogh (guitar)

Maria Rystrom (drummer)

Kim Grigoli (keys)

Felicia Ruiz Villavicencio (guitar)